About Your London Personal Trainer

Thank you for visiting the Your London Personal Trainer website. My name is Robert and I have been providing personal training services to clients in London for many years. My introduction to training was at sixteen years old when I started boxing in South East London. I then moved onto martial arts before starting my career as a fitness instructor. I therefore have over thirty years of fitness training experience, and am fitter and stronger in my fifties than most people in their thirties. People sometimes ask “what’s the secret”. I explain there is no secret, it’s just a healthy diet and a well constructed exercise program. Something that is attainable for almost everyone, you simply need to 'find' the time and 'make' the effort. I am a fully qualified and insured instructor with a unique range of fitness training disciplines. These include; aerobics, circuit training, weight training, speed development and massage to mention just a few. I have written fitness advice articles for the ‘Daily Mirror’ and a number of national health magazines. From time to time, some of my classes have even been featured on national television.

The childrens' fitness class shown on 'ITV London News' - London Personal Trainer

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Stress management in the office service featured on 'ITV Bodycheck' - London Personal Trainer

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Although I conduct most of the fitness sessions myself, in 1998 I started a company called ‘Full Force Fitness’ incorporating the skills of a variety of instructors and therapist who provide a unique ‘total body’ health and fitness service to our corporate clients. The team consist of massage therapist, sports injury therapist, a sports psychologist and a number of other professionals who are all experts in their own field of health and fitness. As a group we have over one hundred years of combined experience in the fitness industry. Our 'corporate' service proved to be extremely successful, so much so, that in December 1999, Full Force Fitness won the prestigious Solotec 'New Business Award', out of hundreds of companies across London.


The ‘Full Force Fitness’ team, now incorporated into ‘Your London Personal Trainer’. Provide on-site massage, stress relief and fitness services to a wide range of companies, throughout the London area . We also provide community based fitness classes to community centres, charities, schools and local support groups. (please see the testimonials page)

Never one to follow the crowd, our health and fitness services have always been ahead of their time. For example in 1996 we launched the 'Total Body Concept' a method of training that would encompass combined training methods, diet and relaxation into one overall body conditioning system. Today they call this holistic training but we have been doing it for over 15 years. The videos on this site will show that in 1999 we used Salsa Dance classes as a fun way to get fit, more than 10 years before anyone ever heard of Zumba. In 2000 we started the first exercise class for overweight youngsters, years before the whole country started to talk about helping obese children. In 2012 we launched the 'Way of the Warrior' training system, another exciting program, unlike anything you have ever seen before . Our new Intensive Training Programme carries a full money back guarantee so you loose the weight not the £££'s.

My approach to training will enable you to reach, maintain and even exceed your fitness goals. I believe that fitness should be fun and always try to inject an element of fun into every single session I teach. I work with a wide variety of people, ranging from teenagers through to people in their eighties who regularly attend my over 50’s class. My background, knowledge and hands on training in the fitness arena, means that you will always get the best possible fitness experience, tailored for your specific requirements.

For me, now in my 50's and fighting fit, I consider my own body to be a work in progress and I’m enjoying the ongoing project. My daily mantra is to 'be fitter today than I was yesterday'.

My entire career in the fitness industry, has been dedicated to inspiring people to set targets far beyond what they may have ever believed was possible, and then helping them to reach those goals. I hope that you can join me on that journey and receive the health benefits now and in the future.

Your London Personal Trainer