Your London Personal Trainer Services

Aerobics - from London Personal Trainer

Your London Personal Trainer Aerobics are a fun and effective way to control weight, increase fitness levels and coordination. It also provides the social benefit of bringing groups of people together with a common aim. I currently teach a number of groups in the South East London area. These include an over 50’s keep fit club, a young mothers group, children’s keep fit, I also run occasional fitness workshops in local schools and community centres. This experience means that I am able to cater for a wide variety of ages, levels of fitness, and types of workout required.

Boxing Circuit - from London Personal Trainer

As a former Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) member, I have many years of experience both inside the ring, and in training amateur boxers to competition level (I am not just a fitness instructor with a pair of gloves on!!). Therefore I have devised a unique boxing circuit that provides the ultimate training challenge. This workout is not for the faint hearted and is guaranteed to push you to your limits of physical endurance, whatever your current fitness level. These circuits can be incorporated into regular personal training workouts or run specifically as a standalone six-week programme. The six-week programme makes a great gift for someone you love!!

Core Body Workout, "The Sand Bags" - from London Personal Trainer

This circuit is designed for fitness entiusiast and professional athletes who want to improve the performance of their 'core muscles' and produce outstanding power in any sport or physical activity. The session is split into two distinct strands. The strength section which develops the strength, stability and flexibilty of your core muscles. And the power section which concentrates on the use of that strength, to produce explosive power through dynamic movement. If your current training program has hit a plateau, and you need to take it to the next level, then you will love the sand bags. This is unlike any workout you have ever done before and is guaranteed to produce outstanding results, or your money back!!.

On-site Massage

The Health and Safety Executive has stated that in 2007 stress in the work place cost UK companies in excess of £530m per year On top of that there is the human cost incurred by those who suffer the effects of stress on their health and wellbeing. In conjunction with a group of other therapist, I operate a simple but effective on-site massage service that is guaranteed to reduce stress and improve the working environment in your office.

Young People Fitness Services - from London Personal Trainer

Engaging young people in health and fitness can be quite a challenge. 'Your London Personal Trainer' has risen to this challenge in a number of ways. I use fun, fitness, dance, circuit training and health education as a means of working with young people from a variety of backgrounds. I work with schools, social services, youth offending teams, youth clubs and community groups. In addition to my fitness qualifications, I also have an up to date First Aid and Enhanced CRB certificate.