The Way Of The Warrior

This training program is derived from my thirty years of studying and participation in martial arts, boxing and combat training. It combines training techniques from thousands of years ago with up to date methods for unlocking the full potential of the body’s inner strength. The basic principles involved are what I call ‘dynamic movement’ through the use of your core muscles. It does not require a gym, weights or exercise machines. Instead, the core strength is trained through use of body weight, movement against resistance and techniques that incorporate the natural movement of the body. The system is an efficient method of training because it incorporates cardio, strength and power training as well as coordination and motor skills in one package. The warrior training will ultimately produce a body that is as fit as it can possibly be.

If we look historically at how warriors from around the world used to train, and fight. It is apparent that physical and mental fitness was the prime concern, because their very lives depended on it. Therefore the way in which a warrior trained for battle, would be on a whole different level to the way that an athlete would prepare for a competition. Although this is not a fight based program, it is designed to take your body to that level of fitness, a level that many have never achieved before, ‘Fighting Fit’.

Another principle of this training is that you are not tied to a gym or in need of any special equipment. A good warrior trained with whatever was available, for example:
body weight,
local environment – hills, sand dunes, trees, steps, even rivers
available equipment – rocks, sticks, ropes, fences, farm equipment etc
Once you adopt this concept to training then you are able to find numerous ways to improve your fitness by training in a way that suits your body and your circumstances.

Warrior Training In Action

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Natural training against resistance is not new, for example Rocky Marciano used to practice throwing punches under water to increase his power and speed. Muhammad Ali trained with sand weighted boots so that when he took them off he was light on his feet. Stick Fighters in Malaysia beat the water for hours to improve their endurance. All of these exercises use ‘dynamic movement’ whilst combating the effects of resistance, to improve performance. We have over 640 muscles in our body and their prime function is movement.

I now use sandbags to provide resistance for many of my ‘dynamic movement’ exercises. Previously I used weights and kettlebells but found that these were limited in many of the movements I was seeking to perform, especially throwing and catching. The sandbags are a safe and efficient way to provide resistance, whilst the deliberate lack of handles forces users to grip and hold with a totally new set of muscles (see the core training videos on this website).

You could spend a life-time training in a gym and still not achieve the results produced by this program. That’s because exercise machines and the way people train with weights, does not allow for the natural movement of the body, and its the natural dynamic movement against resistance which creates lean powerful muscle tissue.

Look at the Gladiators, Spartans, even the old time fighters. They never trained in multi million pound gyms yet they were among the fittest people on the planet, this is because they used natural movement and body weight as their training tools.

The videos on this page, give you a brief insight into some of the techniques I use to challenge the body. A wise old trainer once said to me “you will never be the best if you train like the rest”. Those words have stuck with me for many years, as I have strived to produce programs that stand out from the crowd. My research and practice of various training techniques, as led me to create ‘The Way of The Warrior’ training program. A total body system, which will take your fitness to a level that you didn’t even know you had…

Each session is for one and a half hours and cost £75 per session.
For club, team training and workshop rates, please contact me.

The only question left to ask is: "how fit do you want to be?".....